About Ms. Môh

Ms. Môh was founded by Ruba Mohtaseb, a self-taught chef, and artist in her own right! Her desire for sweets always stood in the way of consciousness.

Her passion for baking began in her family kitchen where she would earnestly follow her mother around intrigued by the sights and smells of her baking that pushed her towards the world of confectionery from a very early age. But it wasn’t until December 2012, that her family encouraged and inspired her to take up the art of baking and cater her creative homemade products to the people.

When the opportunity to launch her very own concept presented itself, Ruba believed that it was the perfect chance to fulfil her dreams and so Ms. Môh was born.

Initially, Ruba started to learn the basics of professional baking with the help of recipe books and utilized her strong understanding of the chemistry behind baking. Her love for chemistry from a young age was an added bonus that helped combine the intricate science of baking with the detail-oriented, artistic decorative elements to create more than just a dessert, but rather sweet creations that take you on a journey.

With a passion for discovering new flavours and experiences, Ruba brushed up her skills by taking up several private courses in Los Angeles and London. She excelled in exhibiting a high level of creativity and artistic ability by focusing on the fine detail that goes into the craft of baking after a lot of trial and error.

A quick look at any of Ms. Môh’s cakes will tell a story of dedication, passion and art.

Brand Story

Ruba Mohtaseb began her love story with the art of baking at the tender age of seven. She embarked on a wonderful journey by striving to create new and original designs, as well as unique flavour pairings that intrigue and excite. At first, she kept her baking batches small to ensure freshness and quality.

With persistence and hard work, she decided to launch her work identity in 2013 by calling it Ms. Môh (Pronounced as Ms. Moo). It was the beginning of a journey whipped with frosting and sprinkled with sugar.

Launching a new brand while holding down a full-time job in the banking sector, Ruba faced many challenges. As the passion project quickly grew into a full-fledged business, she quit her job to focus on the business.

She overcame all the difficulties and successfully managed to transform from being a one-woman show to a full-fledged business. She hopes that her humble philosophy of offering classic homemade desserts brings warmth and comfort to her customers and creates happy memories.

Creating homemade desserts with intricate craft skills and professionalism increased the number of customers. Ruba is on her way to running a successful business by venturing into different business models.

Experience her delicious, high-quality, well-packaged, appealing desserts and customizable cakes that will make your mouth water and your cravings blush while leaving you wanting more!